Post a Job

Posting a job is simple: post the job title, a short description and job location.

Once you recieve resumes, you can review them and contact the job seeker. If applicable, you can forward the resumes of qualified candidates for a preliminary interview.

Submit a resume

Search for the job that interest you, apply for the job and get feedback (if applicable) from the person that posted the job.

Get / Give feedback

You can communicate with others by providing comments or private messages.

You can also provide career advice to those that may want to transition to that career.


  • Free: If you choose to, you can provide resume feedback to a candidate at no cost.
  • Earn money or community points: You can provide resume feedback to a candidate for an amount ($25, $50, $75, $100, $125, or $150) or for 75 community points. When you create a job post select either the amount or points.
  • Payment Account: Go to your profile page and connect with Stripe to set up your payment account.

    What are Kins?

    When you create a Post, you can select other users as "Kins". Your "Kins" help you provide quality responses to others regarding the topic of your post. You should only select individuals you know or work with.

    An example: Cliff creates a post for a Cashier opening at Acme Company. Since Cliff works with Joe at Acme Company, Cliff adds Joe as a 'Kin'. Other people reviewing the Comment section will know Joe has insight about the job and/or Acme Company.

    Community Points

    You earn 1 point per "vote" on your content (post or comments).

    You earn 10 points when a friend that you referred joins the community. To refer a friend go to "My Page" (click on your name at the top of the page).

    You can earn 75 points when you provide feedback to another person, if you selected that option.

    You can use points to get feedback (if applicable).