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What is a HRkin Group?

An HRkin Group is a place for group communication, student mentorship and tutoring, organize team projects, fundraise and for people to share their common interests, advice and express their opinion. They let people come together around a common cause, fundraising or volunteer project, social event, activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, share career advice, post photos, and share related content. Anybody can set up and manage their own Group or join other Groups. You can even set up multiple Groups.

You can, for example, create separate groups for popular extracurricular activities, areas of focus or locations for example…George Washington H.S Basketball Support Group, JFK H.S Art Club Group, Tampa Area Career Group, or etc

Our easy to use platorm, is also great for retirees or anyone looking to mentor.

For schools: Community Volunteers can assist students by mentoring and volunteering their time

How do HRkin Groups works?

  • Any HRkin user can create a Group and be its Admin.
  • To create a Group you would need to define its name, vision or purpose, and have a profile picture or logo.
  • As the Admin, you can make the Group private or private.
  • The Admin can optionally appoint “Partners” to help manage the Group.
  • Admin and Partners can set up their “FundRaising Center” and “Revenue Center”.
  • Admin and Partners can track earning via the dashboard.
  • The Admin and the Partners have the ability to invite someone to a Group.
  • Once someone gets approved to join the Group they become a Member.
  • You and your Members can create events, create posts, upload pictures/video and share files within a Group.
  • The Admin and Partners can delete and control content.
  • The Admin can suspend a members account; deny them access to the Group.

  • How to create a Group?

    Define your group

    Sign-in and define your group. Provide a group name and upload a profile picture or mascot image.


    Provide a purpose or vision statement that you know your members will value.


    3 steps:
    1. Send the Introduction Email: Introduce your HRkin Group to your members and ask for volunteers to join and try out your Group.
    2. Send the General Launch Email: After trying it out, send an email to all of your members or Alumni letting them know about your Group.
    3. Send Reminder Emails: Continue sending friendly reminder emails to your folks.

    Fee calculations

    HRkin is free to use; there are no monthly fees or set-up fees; there is no commitment; we never sell user data; and we won't sell to your members!

    We only get paid if there is a transaction made within the platform

    HRkin fee: 5% of transactions. Only one-way, from the seller-side. In other words, no double fees collected.

    Payment processing fee: Online payment service charges .30 cents per transaction, plus 2.9%

    Fundraising Project example:

    Purpose: To help fund team uniforms

    A member donates $50.00 dollars to your cause.

    Amount Description
    $50.00 Member donation
    $2.50 HRkin fee (5%)
    $1.45 Stripe percentage fee (2.9%)
        .30 ¢ Stripe flat fee (.30 cents)
    $4.25 *Total fees
    $45.75 Total Profit Amount

    Please share any feedback or suggestions you may have by clicking the "Suggestions" button

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