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when people help other people, the world becomes a better place

Create a group so your alumni can share advice, mentor students, update their info & donate.


Stay engaged with other alumni and your school, tutor/mentor students.

Job Seekers

Meet HR professionals or other alumni that have experience in the industry you are interested in.


Tutor/Mentor students, give advice while earning money in your spare time.

Be there for them throughout their journey...

Directly communicate, mentor and provide tutoring on various subjects and assignments. Also, crowdsource help for various school projects.

Starting a Career

Most recent grads agree...job hunting can be frustrating. Connect them with alumni where they can communicate, network & get advice.

Landing a Promotion

Climbing the ladder is challenging! The ability to directly communicate and get short/long-term mentoring can make the difference.

Stay in Touch

School or Frat/Soro: Provide a new and engaging way for your almuni to connect your students and with each other. We also have fun features to help with the engagement level of your next events! Our dashboard will provide you with real-time analytics so that you can measure engagement and impact.

Career Coaches, HR Professionals & Mentors: Have access to a willing network. A network of individuals that want to grow professionally in a collaborative and positive environment.

Mentoring Tools

School or Frat/Soro: Provide a way for your students to receive tutoring and feedback from members of your organization or alumni. Our platfom is perfect for retirees!

Alumni Mentors & HR Professionals: Provide short-term mentoring and career advice based on your expertise. If you are retired or have free time, become a mentor!

Many Ways to Raise Funds

School or Frat/Soro: Join others that are benefiting from this new way of raising money! A few fundraising ideas: Set up fundraising events, where members RSVP and donate; Provide services such as 'tutoring or mentoring' to raise funds; Allow your alumni members special access to certain tools.

Alumni Mentors & HR Professionals: Help students and job seekers while earning money, by either providing resume feedback or providing advice regarding a particular industry or company culture. Great for retirees!

Alumni Members: use our platform to raise funds for an idea, school, project, charity, or business.

Other Features / Benefits
Mentoring tool: Mentor students to higher grades & lower absenteeism
Events Management System / Events Crowdsourcing tool
Post Special or Upcoming Events with IceBreakers
Location Chart: Find the perfect location everyone can meet
Polling: Know the events all of your alumni will enjoy
Tools to help with your Yearly Campaign and track goals
Career Path Stories: shared advice by stage in career
Post Featured 'Alumni Stories' and get Update Feed
Live Chat with other members
Admin Control: Add/Suspend Members' accounts/control content
Fundraise using our Crowdfunding tool
Rewarding System/Badges
Direct Messaging/Communication Tool
Resume/Document Wiki: Crowdsourcing tool
Post/View/Apply on Job Board
Boost Engagement and Leadership within your community
Add link to your Alumni Website page
Visual breakdown of membership by categories
Have an idea?
  If you need a certain feature and don't see it, let us know
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